Who is M.F.?

We are a company centered around helping you improve your mornings.  We help automate, improve, and take control of your own nutrition to improve your health and well being.

Who are you?

A person looking for a morning community and a place to find high-quality healthy products that help you automate and improve your morning routines and activities.


What do we sell? 

  • In short, we sell subscription services, products, and a community for your morning lifestyles.
  • In length, we sell anything related to your mornings: coffee, tea, protein, vitamins, supplements, training plans, a community, and so much more.  If you do not see something you are looking for let us know and we will look into adding it.  We run a blog and have a community of morning lovers, no matter what your morning looks like we guarantee someone in our community has a similar morning.

What do we believe?

  • We believe…
    • in natural and organic foods and a healthy well-rounded living.
    • in food with no added sugars.
    • most health issues today are due to poor food and lack of food knowledge.
    • sugar is behind most of our common health issues today such as obesity, heart disease, and diabetes.
    • in putting your money where your mouth is and donate at least 10% of profits to non-profits every year that promote healthy living and food education.

What drives us?

  • In short, the over use of sugar and lack of nutritional education.
  • In length, we want everyone to live their best self.  We want to help people get up and out the door.  We want people to understand that sugar is not that awesome and the leading cause for many health issues.  We want to help educate people, help them take control of their health and food decisions.  We want to make it easier for people to make morning healthy choices so they take on the day energized and ready for anything the day will throw at them.


Where are we?

We are HQ’d in Austin, Texas BUT are an online community and store(s).  We will help anyone in our community any way we can to educate their local community as we continue to grow.  This is about educating everyone to eat better, live healthier, and understand what they are putting in their body.


When did we start?

We are a young company started in April 2018.  We are always growing, always learning, and always expanding.


Why did we start? 

To help people take control of their own nutrition, improve their health, and automate their morning food choices.  To promote healthy eating and living.  To promote food education and nutrition.  To help people understand the quality of their food is important.  To help people understand that sugar is not okay for your health.  To help make being healthy in the morning easier.

Our Story…

Our founder woke up one day and realized he loved mornings and loved food.  He realized he was out of shape but lived an active lifestyle.  He realized it was due to his diet… but how could he make his diet fit his busy life?  He wanted high quality morning products that he could set up to auto-deliver when ever he wanted (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc.) and he wanted gadgets that made his morning easier.  Yes, you could say companies like this already exist but they are not centered around your morning routines and lifestyle instead you are centered around them and their categories.  There isn’t a company out there that cares about you and improving you first and then their products second.


How are we going to do this?

We will help people take control of their nutrition, improve routines, and improve their health by:

  1. Having a supportive and engaging online community.
  2. Assisting in automating morning routines by selling subscription services.
  3. Selling products that are high-quality and healthy.  You do not need to read the nutritional information on our products but feel free if you want too.
  4. Publish articles & posts related to Morning Fanatics mission of nutrition, healthy living, and self improvement.
  5. Donate at least 10% of profits to non-profits that support healthy living and nutritional education.